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Vim and Arduino

24 September 2015

The Arduino IDE is, honestly, pretty good. It's easy to set up, and it works reliably. After years of Eclipse, I can't ask for much more. But I really, really like vim, and I figured it would be easy to find some command-line build tools and maybe a vim plugin.

Pike - Asset Pipeline and Make Tool

04 June 2014

I was building a website recently and I decided to use coffeescript and less, just to try them out. Since I am deeply in love with Pyramid, I was using Python on the backend. Turns out, webassets is the only decent choice for compiling web assets in python. Without going into too much detail, I found it to be acceptible for extremely simple use cases, and a huge pain for anything more complex.

A Pyramid Extension that Everyone Needs

04 March 2014

I love Pyramid. It's an incredibly modular, extensible, and minimalist web framework that's built for all sizes of web applications. The design philosophy is based around making it possible for developers to use whatever tool is best for the job, while still keeping simple tasks easy. It's a plugin-based framework, rather than the 'batteries-included' style of Django.

DQL - A Query Language for DynamoDB

27 February 2014

One of the main pain-points of DynamoDB is the lack of a CLI. Banging out one-off queries is a standard part of being a DBA, so what happens when you don't have a CLI? Well, like me, you'll probably end up writing short scripts that call the API.

Pypicloud - Private PyPI + S3

25 February 2014

There comes a time in every engineer's career when they are faced with the question: "How the f#@% am I going to deploy this application?". Don't worry, that's normal. You might find yourself using coping mechanisms like git pull and scp, but sooner or later the problem must be addressed.

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